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Nathalie Aubourg

entrepreneur & freelance designer

climate change mitigation and adaptation
through co-creation and strategic communication

design [branding & content]

Nathalie translates ideas into authentic and tangible stories, be it in words or visuals. Whether in form of a brochure, a website, an exhibition or a workshop: The final piece of work is designed to inspire and activate your audience.

Collage of design work
Nathalie Aubourg speaks at the Climathon 2019

change [inspire, engage & act]

Nathalie is also involved in projects that promote social and environmental sustainability since 2014: She initiated and co-founded a coworking space on the Austrian countryside, organised events for Climate-KIC Austria as well as the climate hackathon Climathon in Wolkersdorf and facilitated the “Klimafit” workshop, a czech-austrian cooperation.
Within the association project ORCA, the Open Lab for Rapid Climate Action, she contributed to the development of the Climate Action Academy (Klimaschutzakademie) and is currently launching the #StopGreenBrainWashing initiative.

This is a temporary web presence. If you would like to get in touch with Nathalie, please use LinkedIn or send a mail to design [] naau [] at.